Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pigs and squids

... was the first hint that I got since Bart started to work on his illustration. Sometime later I got another clue: a detail of his drawing along with a diminute photograph of the entire draft. Next time I heard from the Moleskine we thought it got lost somewhere in the world. It took it exactly one month to cross the ocean, just like in the old times. Finally, a week ago, this envelope was waiting at my door...

... and inside, this amazing illustration !!!...

I tried to take several pictures of the painting but unfortunately none of them is good enough. I need to find a scanner soon!! In the meantime, this is the most decent picture that I saved.

After seeing this wonderful drawing I got really excited about our future illustrations! Almost two years since my dear friend sent me the Moleskine. Now the first round is over. Pretty promising for a couple of PhD students who became experts in the art of procastination... ;)


  1. awesome! Very colorful, joyous. Like it!

  2. On behalf of my friend: Thank you Degi! :)

  3. Ooh, can't believe I missed the comment. On behalf of me, thanks. :)